Why ARES? Why now?

What is the niche that separates ARES from the rest of the reliability field. For more information you can click the hyperlinks on the banner. Briefly, the visual ERBDC tool calculates the ingress(source)- egress(target) exact reliability and then paves the way for design improvement. MESAT proposes a cost-effective stopping rule in hardware(silicon) or software testing, as a cost-saving alternative to exhaustive testing or testing to death, an alternative which may save billions of test cases and millions of dollars. SL (Sahinoglu-Libby) pdf estimation techniques will enable the analyst to calculate the availability (or unavailability)estimates that are critical and crucial in the network reliability estimation tool, ERBDC. Security Meter tool (Sec-Meter) will simulate thousands of vulnerabilty/risk assesments generating a residual cost for system security. SR (Software Reliability) Growth Model(The Compound Poisson SRM by Dr. Sahinoglu) will estimate the number of residual failures.

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